Limited License to Use Copyrighted Materials and Trademarks

Plantronics will from time to time provide to you certain buyers guides, product information sheets, product images, warranty provisions and other materials to aid in the sale of its Products. All of those materials, collectively the "Copyright/Trademark Materials," are the copyrighted property of Plantronics and may contain certain trademarks or service marks of Plantronics. When Plantronics provides those materials to you, it does so with the grant of a non-exclusive royalty-free right, license and privilege to reproduce and distribute copies of the Copyright/Trademark Materials. By agreeing to act as a dealer of Plantronics products and accepting the Copyright/Trademark Materials from Plantronics, you agree to the following restrictions:

You will reproduce the Copyright/Trademark Materials in their entirety in the form delivered by Plantronics, with no addition, modification or changes except as expressly approved by Plantronics. You may not make publicly available any modified Copyright/Trademark Materials that have not been reviewed and approved by Plantronics Be assured that approval by Plantronics of changes to the Copyright/Trademark Materials will not be unreasonably withheld and that Plantronics will quickly review any such request.

You will use your best efforts to update as soon as possible any use of the Copyright/Trademark Materials to incorporate all changes to the Copyright/Trademark Materials made by Plantronics.

When producing any materials that contain trademarks of Plantronics, you will ensure that the first and most prominent use of the trademark term is marked with the appropriate "R" or "TM" symbol to ensure trademark protection. You also will use your best efforts to follow proper trademark usage, treating the trademark terms as adjectives, not nouns (e.g., "We can sell you the Supra(R) headset at the best possible price", NOT "We can sell you Supras at the best possible price.")

You agree that Plantronics owns all right, title and interest in the Copyright/Trademark Materials. Your use of the Copyright/Trademark Materials is authorized only for the purposes of reselling Plantronics products and no other rights are granted. Upon termination of the dealership arrangement, this limited license and permission to use the Copyright/Trademark Materials will cease.

I accept the above terms.